Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Personal Trainer Los Angeles
Congratulations on making the smart decision to get in shape! We are excited and happy to become a part of your life and to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.
Mike and his team are highly experienced, educated and skilled in all aspects of health and fitness training including weight management, increased stamina, endurance, injury recovery and rehabilitation, pre & post-natal, body building and improved daily health and wellbeing. In addition we offer in-home, one on one and group training options throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding geography.
Can’t find time to get to one of our gyms? No problem . . . . we will come to you with an in-office or in-home 30-minute high intensity workout to get you in shape with a minimum time investment. We look forward to communicating with you and answering all of your questions. Just one quick call to schedule a goals consultation by phone or in person and you will be on your way to enhanced health and a fit body.
Training health conscious Angelinos since 2003.
Every unique body sculpting goal dictates the diet that will enable achieving your goal.