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Our Trainers

Not Just Pretty Faces

We have all the ingredients necessary to get you in shape. Our team of Personal Trainers work with you to determine the best fitness strategy to achieve your goals. Leaving nothing out, we take you from consultation to work out to diet and nutrition.

We’re not satisfied till you’re satisfied.



I am a certified personal trainer in the Los Angeles area for over 12 years. I began my professional career as a nurse then transitioned into personal training. I still study medicine, health practices and rehabilitation and these studies enable me to apply practical exercise programs for my client’s individual needs.


With a foundation first forged in the US military, Jonathan Ginsberg offers premier level fitness expertise. Having learned from the best, he continues to prove that anyone can transform into the physique they want! NASM certified, Nationally qualified NPC Men's Physique Competitor, US Army veteran, Jonathan has years of knowledge to offer those who are ready to begin or continue their fitness journey!


Andy is a PROPTA certified personal trainer and has been training clients for over 5 years now. He is highly motivating and very positive and thrives on seeing his clients achieve their goals. Andy will push you to new limits that you never knew you could accomplish all while teaching you proper form and technique.


Bart is a PROPTA certified personal trainer and has been training clients for 7 years. He has been living the healthy and fit lifestyle his whole life and has a lot of knowledge and experience to pass on to his clients. He believes in the principles of safety and good form first over sloppy over weighted exercises which is why he is a part of our team. You are in good hands with Bart.