Rate Sheet

Session Rates to Train with Mike
1-6 sessions$150
7-12 sessions $140
13-18 sessions $130
19-24 sessions $120
25 + sessions$100
Discounted Pricing
$75 per session.
Here is a way to save some money. To get this deal you will be in a slot training with 1-2 other individuals. This requires you to pay for 12 sessions at a time.
Train with Mikes Trainers
Want to save a bit of money? Then you can train with one of Mikes qualified trainers at a reduced rate. Ask Mike for more details about what this includes.
1-6 sessions$90
7-12 sessions $80
13-18 sessions$70
19-24 sessions$65
Group Sessions
$60 per session.
Minimum 4 people and a minimum of 6 sessions paid for at a time. Want to train with your friends? Nothing wrong with a friendly competition and positive motivation. Have 3 of your friends join you and you can all get great training and enjoy a good discount
30-minute sessions
$60 per session’s minimum purchase of 6 sessions
Do you have a busy schedule and are always pressed for time? Can’t find time to workout at the beginning or at the end of the day? Want to work out on your lunch break? Then a 30-minute high intensity, fast paced sessions are what you need. This also works great for the individuals working in the corporate office who have minimal time to get away.
Nutritional Consultation
$200 and will include a diet plan.
Already know how to work out but need help with your diet? Then sit down and lets discuss a diet program for you and based on what your specific goal is, we will discuss the nutritional guidelines, foods to eat and foods to avoid, supplements, the benefits of proteins, carbs and fats and how much to take in per meal in order to attain your goal. I will then do a customized diet plan for you based on what your goal is.
On Line Personal Training
Want to train with Mike but you aren’t in the Los Angeles are to get to him? Or are you on a budget and want to train but sessions may be a bit out of your price range? No problem. Mike offers on line training, which will include a training program based on your goal, and a diet plan to coincide with it. Every week you will email in your training results, cardio regimen, diet, and progress reports such as weight loss or weight gain (depending on your goal). Every 4 weeks pictures and measurements are to be taken and email in so that necessary changes to the diet or training regimen can be made. How will you know what to train, how and when? Mike will set up a specific regimen with specific exercises for you to follow. Confused and have any questions? Not to worry. Mike is always just an email away. Send in an email with your questions and Mike will answer it that day. If you are at your gym and don’t know how to use the equipment, then take a picture and email it over and Mike will in detail explain to you how to do it. He will even do a video on how to use that machine and send it over to you so that you can get a full understanding of what to do.